I tried this once before, but I’m still the same fat pasty. I weigh almost exactly the same as I did then.

So, inspired by, encouraged by and joining with quite a few others, I’m giving the public embarrassment thing another go. It probably won’t show up here too much. Instead, there’s a new twitter feed you can keep an eye on: @beatinggravity. If you like. It should be good for some comedy, if nothing else.

It’s not very complicated, in theory. Eat less and exercise more. I’ve learned from experience that that’s a pretty tough thing to do. I’m a man of considerable weakness and some vice, and food gets me every single time. Good food, cheap food, nasty food, chocolate, cheese… high fat, high sugar, high flavour.

My wife tells me that I seem more enthused and definite about this than I have before, so that’s something, but I’ve always been able to talk a good a game. The proof is in the eating, as they say. Or in the not eating, in this case.

Wish me luck. I have 29-and-some years of habit to overcome. Let battle commence!