PAW 2009

A year ago I decided to publish a new photograph every week, as an encouragement to get out with camera in hand and take some pictures. My only rule was that everything I published must have been taken in 2009. If I hadn’t decided that, I would have been too lazy and spent most of the year digging through my archives looking for anything interesting that I hadn’t posted before.

Instead, most of what I ended up doing was digging through my growing archive of 2009 looking for something interesting that I hadn’t posted yet. I spent most of the year either relying on a few good outings to provide three, four or even five weeks’ worth of images, or running around on a Sunday evening trying to photograph something, anything, to post for the Monday morning.

I’m quite happy with a few of the images posted over the year, but more than a few are just filler.

Photo A Week 2009 was an experiment with mixed success for me.