Yesterday evening, we had dinner with a couple of friends. The guy, who we’ll call Bob to protect the guilty, cheerfully self-identifies as a geek. But during the evening it came out that he had never seen a whole slew of films which I contend are necessary to claim that title.

A sample: Highlander, The Princess Bride, Aliens, The Last Starfighter, Flight of the Navigator, The Big Lebowski, Tremors, many more.

Additionally, he maintains that Voyager is the best Star Trek (when all right-thinking people know that that title belongs to DS9, or at least to the original series), has never seen Thundercats and had never heard of Babylon 5.

There’s some edumacatin’ required.

UPDATE: ‘Bob’ informs me that he had in fact heard of B5. He’s just never seen it. As if that makes it better.