Recent listening.

I’ve picked up on a few new podcasts recently, all of a pretty techy bent.

All from 5 by 5:

  • The EE Podcast keeps it short, since it focuses on goings on around the ExpressionEngine content management system (which I use a lot). I've been pleasantly surprised at how the show keeps being worthwhile and enjoyable to listen to.
  • The Dev Show talks around more general software development happenings. I'm finding it good to here about technologies outside of those I use myself. It makes me curious.
  • The Conversation is more of a general talk-show type thing, with guests coming and going from the chat with the host. Easy going.

I’ve also recently discovered Huffduffer, which lets you collate audio from around the web and have it sucked into iTunes as a podcast — potentially very handy.

I spend less time in the car, these days, but when I am driving it’s usually with a podcast on the stereo. Lately I’ve been saving the music for while I’m working.