Three short bits.

I got my access code to today. It looks interesting if you’re a PHP-type. Haven’t had a chance to get anything running on it yet, but look forward to doing so, albeit mainly for the novelty. It appears to be something similar to Heroku for PHP, but the difference is that whereas Heroku seemed to get traction because it provided easy Rails hosting (something which I understand — I’m not a RoR guy, so I may be wrong — used to be at least a bit of an issue for some), but now focuses on fitting into your workflow for easy deployment, that latter seems to be where Orchestra comes in, since PHP hosting definitely isn’t an issue. We’ll see how it goes.

Basecamp is the web-based project management software all the cool kids apparently use. We rely on it pretty heavily at Banjax, too. I’m not much of a fan, but it’s there as an “it’ll do until someone comes up with something better” kind of option. If you’re in need of some PM workflow gubbins, the free plan has been beefed up a bit, so it’s maybe worth giving it a whirl.

Finally, Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference sold out in less than a day, yesterday. A technical conference, aimed at developers, sold out in hours. That’s nuts. Someone’s doing something right, it seems. And no, I’m not going. This year is not that year for me.