Ten years ago today I married the best person I’d ever met.

Ten years later, she still is. I don’t expect that to change.

Ten years includes some of the best times in my life, and some of the most difficult. At the highest and at the lowest, I haven’t been alone. The person I have most wanted to have there to share the joys and to help me through the sadnesses has always been there. No exceptions.

Ten years ago, I felt like a child pretending to grow up. I still do. I don’t expect that to change, either.

I have ten years’ more knowledge and experience of the fact that nobody’s perfect. Especially me.

Ten years have proved to me what I believed then: life is hard, but worth it.

After ten years, there are now four of us. And a dog.

Ten years ago I couldn’t have imagined what life would be like now. And I love it.

Ten years ago, I loved her.

Ten years into this, I love her, but I understand better than I did then what that means.

Ten years have been spent realising and marvelling at how lucky I am.

Ten years is a long time. Ten years is no time at all. It’s the beginning.