Heimd-all alone

A while before Christmas I bought a bobble-headed statue of the Marvel Cinematic Universe interpretation of a Norse god. I took a photo. The next day, I took another photo.

Thus began the recorded adventures of Heimdall. It was fun, and I kept going. Now a few people ask after him if I go a while without posting a photo. It's the kind of internet whimsy towards which I am normally quite scathing, but it turns out that this kind of thing is fun to do. So there you go.

New York


The lake


There is a hole in your mind.

A recent episode of The Incomparable reminded me that I've been meaning for years to rewatch Babylon 5. Since my wife is going to be spending four months over the summer working away from home, and B5 is the kind of show that I will never be able to convince her to watch, the time seems right to get stuck in.

Just for fun, I might occasionally post a bit about the episodes as I watch them.

When I'm asked (which does happen sometimes) I suggest that anyone coming to the show skip the pilot, The Gathering, because it's really not very good. So, of course, I watched it.

Even though it's years since I last watched Babylon 5, I felt right at home. The things that stood out to me:

But actually, The Gathering was better than I remembered. Not good, certainly, but not so bad.

For now, I'm #stillwatchingbabylon5.

NSUserDefaults during development.

It turns out that if you're working on an OS X app that is sandboxed and you have reason (possibly frequent during development) to delete the app's sandbox container from ~/Library/Containers/ then attempts from within the app to write out to its defaults database might be failing silently. (A call to -[NSUserDefaults synchronize] will even return YES, giving the impression of success.)

This post on the Apple dev forums (login needed) indicates that on 10.9 the prefs system caches stuff really aggressively and is confused by you deleting the container. The workaround is to either restart the computer altogether, or to open a shell and restart the prefs daemon by running killall -SIGTERM cfprefsd.