Getting ridiculous.

You’ll recall my recent post on the wonderful time I’m having sorting out a new mobile phone. Since then, I got a phone call back from the helpful Northern Irish girl saying it was done and I could try again.

Well, would you believe, I tried again and my order was declined again on the grounds of address problems. Yay. Tried again and the order went through, but the phone was delivered today to the wrong address. (This was the fault of the O2 types rather then Securicor, as it was addressed wrongly.) Unfortunately, by the time I had tracked it down, the guy who had taken delivery of it had taken it to the Post Office and sent it back to O2, which they will inflexibly take as cancellation of my shiny new contract. So, the guy I was talking to tried to put a fresh order through, and - you guessed it - it stalled on my address. Last attempt was a manager is trying to get it put through manually. Going on my experiences of the last ten days, I don’t hold out much hope of them even contacting me to let me know either way.

I’ve pretty much had enough of this. Do these people not want my money? Also, all these credit checks in just over a week aren’t going to help when we go next week to apply for a mortgage.

Actually quite worried about that one. Will let you know.