A funny thing happened while I was at the rugby last weekend. All of a sudden I was hit by this mad wave of dizziness - couldn’t see straight, couldn’t sit upright, generally not very happy at all. The doctor on site, and since then my GP, reckoned a viral inner ear-thing that’s knackering my balance but not doing much else, and should be gone by this weekend.

Here’s hoping, because I can’t drive and I can’t walk very far, which means I’m stuck in the flat doing prep stuff and being taken out by my wife for the occasional short drive for a change of scenery. This means I’ve had to call off a couple of things this week, and tomorrow evening’s youth club is looking shakey, since the uni term hasn’t started yet and all the usual help has yet to return to Edinburgh. Meanwhile, I’m going nuts sitting in this flat, running out of patience for various papery things I have to do.