Big yellow.

On Friday a big yellow lorry came and three guys loaded all our possessions up and drove them to our new flat.

There are a number of side effects to this:<ol><li>Lots more room. We now have a dedicated dining room and a study. Or at least we will have onve the boxes have been cleared. It’s quite sad how happy I am about having a study!</li><li>For the time being (until Friday, if all is according to plan) we are back on dial-up internet access. This is bad. Very, very bad.</li><li>Wiping out a few days to move, plus all the unpacking and sorting time, my chances of completing NaNoWriMo are dwindling. It’s the tenth, and I’ve written about 1600 words. Impressed?</li><li>Plus the usual remembering to tell everyone who needs to know that we’ve moved that we’ve moved.</li></ol>Give us a while, and if you think we should have been in touch with new contact details when we haven’t, drop an email from the contact page.