The iPod Effect.

Quite some time ago, I heard about these things called iPods and reckoned they sounded like a fairly hot idea. Fairly. No big deal.

Then I went and saw one in the flesh (stainless steel and plastic, if you’re feeling precise), and was fairly intent on obtaining one. Which I did, a few weeks ago. It’s very nice.

Visiting family, I showed it to my brother. He now will not rest until he gets one - despite the fact that they are, in the words of one salesman, hens’ teeth. My brother is currently throwing his CD collection at iTunes.

The iPod effect.

DISCLAIMER: I’m feeling a little materialistic at the moment. Please excuse me - I’m working on it. If you held an iPod, you may at least understand.

Later, I’m sure I will expound at great length on various wonderful design features that are slowly impressing upon me the genius of Apple.