Anatomy Of A Bathtime.

2037 - Let puppy out of ‘indoor kennel’. 2038 - Disengage from over-enthusiastic puppy-affection. 2041 - Turn on shower, check temperature, put down rubber bath-mat. 2043 - Lift heavier-than-she-used-to-be puppy into bath.</i> 2044 - Wet down fidgety puppy with shower. 2047 - Apply ‘Cat and Puppy Shampoo’. 2053 - Yell as puppy shakes. 2054 - Rinse off puppy with shower. 2056 - Yell louder as puppy leaps out of bath. 2058 - Fail to get towel wrapped around puppy. Slip on soaking-wet bathroom floor. 2059 - Yell again as soaking-wet puppy escapes bathroom and runs round the house. 2104 - Cry. 2108 - Clean up (substantial) excited-puppy pee from the middle of living-room floor. 2117 - Mop up half-inch of water from bathroom floor. 2128 - Meet friends in pub for drinks at quarter past nine.

When bathtime was easier.  Note the waterproof - it would have been a good idea this time, too.