Breaking the fast.

Lately I have watched:

Sin City: A little bit nasty, being Robert Rodriguez after all, but great fun with it. I hadn’t been interested until I saw the trailer - this simply looks awesome. Beautifully shot and worth a look just for that.

Mr & Mrs Smith: Actually really good fun. Leave your brain at home, sit back and enjoy. I wonder about the total lack of any moral context or consequence, but that is true of most films.

The Scorpion King: An old DVD I found at the back of the shelf. Forgot how much fun it was.

House Of Wax: A little bit of ick does not a horror make. No tension, pure boredom. Don’t bother.

Kung Fu Hustle: It has its moments, but I can’t help thinking it would be better as a 45 minute short.

Batman Begins: Top notch. Batman how he was meant to be. Dark, moody, raw, ambiguous.

A Lot Like Love: I expected rubbish, but it was rather fun and engaging.

War Of The Worlds: If the moral of the story is in there, it’s too subtle for me. Which is a shame, as without it the ending is too weak for a big flick like this. It’s great until it goes off the boil about three quarters of the way through.