Pixies, puppets, faeries, riddles...

This weekend Belfast City Council have been running Enchanted Evenings in the Botanic Gardens. We were put onto it by my brother and his girlfriend, so we stopped in on Thursday evening for a look.

Coloured lights, candles, acrobats, shadow puppets, entertainers, costumes… All kinds of things going on, up to and including a dragon hiding in the bushes calling out riddles as you walk past (“what breaks when you say it?… Silence.”)

I’m pretty cynical about such events, but even I walked around with a stupid grin on my face. Not bad for three quid at the gate, and the many, many children there were obviously having a ball.

It’s on until Sunday night if you’re in that part of the world. Recommended.

(By the way, please don’t forget this - voting until the 11th.)