So, yesterday the daily posting got overlooked. Unexpected passing of a family member, busy with gatherings, etc. It’s been a hectic couple of days.

As I work myself up to it I guess I’ll have a lot to tell round here. The last… well, five or six months, really, have been an experience that caught us by surprise. It’s been a tricky time, and one that has left wounds that may or may not become scars.

The question then becomes one of appropriate self-censorship. Not everything is to be shared with the web at large, of course, yet at the same time there’s been some learning about myself and about life that is worth telling. There’s things we’re not good at talking about, especially in churches, and I feel strongly that we need to learn some openness, but that’s easier said… Laying yourself open to the judgments and sympathies of people you know and don’t know is tricky, and can have unintended and unforeseen consequences that I am concerned about.

How best to proceed? In the period that things have been quiet on this site I have rediscovered the discipline and pleasure of writing a real dead-trees journal as a personal thing rather than in a work/recording context. That’s something to hold on to, and to maintain, and should help me pile stuff on here.

A side-effect of the recent experience has been my almost total failure to maintain communication with anyone outside my immediate family. That’s tough, and leaves me feeling quite sheepish thinking about trying to pick things up again. If you are one of the neglected, thanks for bearing with me and I hope I’ll get my act together soon.

Meantime, we’re okay, really.