White out.

I promised something geeky for today, but that’ll have to wait as I’m still playing with the thing I was going to post about (Google Apps if you’re curious). But that’ll be made up for by the super-geekness of it. I know. You just can’t wait, can you?

Instead, let me offer a little pulpish light relief.

In the midst of a busy spell at work, I’ve been giving my brain some downtime with a nice low-brow whodunnit.

Snow BlindSnow Blind by PJ Tracy is everything you want from a normal crime novel, with imaginative mysteries, pleasing twists and a couple of likable heroes. Unfortunately, you can tell who the killer was fairly early on. That gives it’s own satisfaction, though.

The author is actually a mother-and-daugher writing team who (according to an interview I heard on the radio last year) live hundreds of miles apart and collaborate over the phone. Sounds weird, but seems to work. This is their fourth book under the name PJ Tracy, and all four have been pretty satisfying.

So there you go. I still need to post about the Dresden books, but they’re good enough to merit their own space.

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