Listen, quickly.

On Friday afternoon I had the rare but enjoyable experience of being in the car when Radio 4 were broadcasting their Afternoon Play. The piece, Forty Three, Fifty Nine — Yara, was a great listen, well-written and well-acted. Nothing terribly deep, but a nice, tight bit of drama.

An occasional series of dramas inspired by real events, in which the story is contained within a continuous 43 minutes 59 seconds. City worker Grant, a compulsive talker, knocks over a young woman, apparently on the run from a sex trafficking ring. He offers her a lift, but as their progress through London is halted by traffic grid-lock, he discovers she is not what she seems - and that he is centre-stage in an unfolding catastrophe in which many will die if he doesn’t act decisively.

If you get a chance, catch it on the BBC iPlayer. It’ll be available until Friday afternoon (the BBC’s web services would be so much better without that annoying expiry of content).