Early on a Saturday morning.

The back of the Apple logo.

Yesterday saw the opening of the first Apple Retail store anywhere in Ireland, in Belfast’s Victoria Square. Why belfast rather than Dublin? Not sure, but it’s here.

My alarm went off at 06.45 and I got down to town for about half seven to find more than fifty people already waiting, but by the time the doors opened there were several hundred queueing. I went along mainly to meet some of the Belfast twitterers I haven’t bumped into yet, but it was easy to get caught up in the hype. I am a fanboy after all.

It’s the done thing that when a new Apple store opens the staff will welcome the first customers with cheers and high-fives. To a Belfast man it was slightly unnerving, yet entertaining all at the same time. You can gain some idea of the craziness by checking out this YouTube video, apparently shot by the guy behind where I was in the queue. You may even be able to spot me trying to get out of the way of the brightly-t-shirted stampede (plus Leeanne who offered me my spot in the queue and the Ronster who spotted the vid on YouTube).

Comment on the opening is appearing — Alan in Belfast, being the Belfast blogger, managed to blag his way in for an advance tour, while Iced Coffee liked what he saw.

The morning for me ended with a fine breakfast in Aldens with a crowd of belfast twitterers. BreakfastCamp, anyone?