Some reflections for you on Armistice Day:

Glenn talks poppies, twice. As do Jonny, Cheryl and David.

The poppy keeps coming up in conversation, along with the question of how to remember rightly. Brodie thinks carefully about the meeting of pacifism and Remembrance, leading up to what I’m sure will be a useful examination of solidarity and neighbourliness. It’s Brodie’s final point that rings most true for me:

Fourthly, remembering is not a glorification of war but a lament. Lament is a very scriptural practice and one that at times for the health of a nation needs a national expression.

Brother Maynard is also worth reading.

Every year I think about how I relate to our corporate Remembrance, and every year I seem to get further away from a conclusion. Perhaps our agonising at such length tells something about importance.