Irregular Linkdump, #11

  • I really wanted to post another xkcd comic, but it's too soon since the last one :-) Also, this one is huge. Go and read it, though — there's something strangely beautiful about it.
  • A site with various fascinating bits of information design.
  • I'm very much looking forward to next year's Watchmen movie (although I know others who aren't). These posters caused me a gleeful giggle.
  • This is one that I don't quite understand. Surely Glitter's conviction doesn't change his past music? And while the argument is made that the schools don't want to contribute to his royalty income, I'm not happy with the notion that any convict, when released, should be denied the opportunity to ply their honest trade, especially in this case where it's fair payment for well-past work.
  • Finally, a video that's been doing the rounds lately. Cutting :-)