Musical formation.

A while back I had a look through my record collection (or, rather, my iTunes library) and picked out a number of albums that I used to listen to regularly; these are the albums that influenced my listening, mainly as a teenager, and the albums that would make up the skeleton of my future musical taste.

As a sort of ongoing companion to this post, I thought it would be fun to revisit these albums and see if they still stood the listen.

The first is Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette. This disc is at the top of the pile as I suspect that most people who were listening to music around the time of its release have a copy somewhere, and because I hadn’t listened to it at all in a very long time.

When I went back to it, I expected the album to be a great disappointment. My ears and tastes have grown up a fair bit since 1995, so I was ready to be quickly tired of the radio-friendly angry-grrl-rocker bit. And no, it didn’t last, but for a time I was singing along on the motorway.

Jagged Little Pill is track after track of undemanding aural fluff, and sometimes that’s what’s needed, but I don’t expect to return to it again for another spell of years.

More to come…