Tuesday Tunes: Bearing Star

I had to miss a few weeks of the Tuesday Tunes, there. There hasn’t been much time for any kind of blogging, lately. Inbetweentimes, though, there has been much listening to music — or, at least, having of music on in the background while working on something that isn’t a blog post. Which gives me a few tracks to mind to choose from.

This week, then, is “Bearing Star”, from Iain Archer. It’s a gentle song off his Revelation Bell EP. In case you’re curious, Revelation Bell is by far my favourite of his released records. (I did have a MiniDisc of demos that included very different versions of songs like “Boy, Boy, Boy” and “Mirrorball Moon” to the ones that were eventually released on Flood The Tanks; I much prefer them to the album verisons. Those recordings were brilliant, but the disc was lost sometime during one of the house moves we made a few years ago, and I haven’t been able to find those recordings again. A shame.)

I've sung your name over in a thousand different ways
Because I like the sound of it and the person it portrays

(No streaming options I could find for this one.)