Tuesday Tunes: Anna Begins

I went through a very comprehensive Counting Crows phase in my late teens. I’d still listen from time to time, and this morning the iTunes Genius threw up this track.

“Anna Begins” first featured on their debut album, but I got to love it on the VH-1 disc of the double album Across A Wire. (That’s a great introduction to the band, actually. Two discs, each a live show: one is an acoustic VH-1 Storytellers set, the other a rather louder MTV show.)

This song still represents some of my favourite writing from the band, and the VH-1 performance brings a suitable intensity to the track. Actually, I prefer quite a few of the arrangements in that set to the original album versions.

“Anna Begins” [YouTube] (Another different arrangement, but also good.)

“Anna Begins” [Spotify]