Nice 'n' Nasty.

Two things to tell y’all about, one nice, one nasty.

Nice: There’s something very cool I stumbled across ages ago, and have just rediscovered. Its called Everything2, and is pretty much… everything. Think “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” where anyone can be a researcher. Go see. (Actually, somewhere on the BBC website there’s a thing called “H2G2”, geddit?, which claims to be exactly that: “let’s all write the Hitchiker’s Guide”. But it pales in comparison to E2.)

Nasty: I got in from the prayer meeting, and put some dinner on. About 20 minutes later I heard a clatter in the kitchen, but couldn’t think what it could be so I ignored it. Dumb, I know. Five minutes later I smelled smoke. Rushed into the kitchen to discover the oven shelf had collapsed, leaving my chicken bits lying in the flame at the back of the oven. Not impressed.