Eternal Sunshine Of A Canine Mind


That was a nice sleep. I think I’ve been lying here most of the morning. That was really good, but I could use getting out to the garden. Oh look, here comes Man-Owner to let me out. Hello, Man-Owner.



It’s so good to see you. Do you have any food on you? Man, I need to get outside. Where’s Lady-Owner? Is she still in bed? She spends a lot of time there when she’s working the night shift. Show me the garden, already! Oh. The bedroom door’s open just a little bit. If I push at it I can get in and see Lady-Owner. I want to give her a big slobbery kiss.


Hello Lady-Owner. Are you happy to see me? I need to go. I’m really happy to see you. I think I’m going to explode. Wow. It’s great fun up here on the bed, jumping around and saying hello to lady-Owner, but I really need to pee. Hello, Lady-Owner! I need to pee. It’s good to see you.


Hello. I need to pee. I love it up here on the bed. Got to pee! Did I wake you? That’s okay, it’s more fun to be awake. Oh look, a nice soft pillow. Hello. Pee. Fun. Pee.






Aaahh. That’s better…