Dyson Airblade hand drier

How many ways do you know to dry your hands?

Out last weekend for a family meal, we found a new one: the Dyson Airblade. It’s like all those hot air blower-things you get in pub and restaurant toilets everywhere, only it’s not.

Rather than the normal ‘blast of hot air and your hands will get themselves dry’, the Airblade gets all scientific. Kinda. You put your soggy mitts in the two obvious looking spaces, then pull them out s-l-o-w-l-y — there’s a helpful little diagram on the top to keep you right. The blower goes hard, and very loud, but isn’t as brute-force as the norm. Instead, as you withdraw your hands, the water gets pushed down your fingers and off your fingertips by the precision ‘blade’ of air.

Or something like that.

Maybe not a revelation, but last weekend each of our party of fourteen had to visit the loos to see this marvellous spectacle.

See, it’s not just me :)


(Photo courtesy my brother-in-law, Matt - the only one with the nerve to photograph in the gents’ toilet!)