Experimenting with the server-side.

Google seems to be taking over the world.

In preparation for the UK arrival of the iPhone, and all it’s flat-rate data ever-connectedness, I’ve been putting all the blogs and things I read into Google Reader. I haven’t decided yet whether I will actually nab an iPhone this time round (it really isn’t cheap), but it has spurred me to give Reader another shot.

I’m not a big fan of the whole web apps thing that’s going on. I much prefer ‘real’ software running on my computer, rather than all the to-ing and fro-ing to the web server. I use Gmail, but mostly access it through Thunderbird. I do appreciate some of the niceness of it, though.

Back when Google Reader was first made public, I played with it, but didn’t get along with the interface. They’ve revamped it, and it’s much handier - even if it doesn’t always play 100% nice with my browser of choice (Opera). Handier enough that I plan to run with it for a while and see what I make of it.

I’ll let you know.