EyeCandy iPhone/iPod Touch comics.

One of the advantages of queueing on Saturday morning was getting a peek at the work of the gents at Infurious and Blue Pilot Software on comics for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

There was some press last month when the first title, Murderdrome was rejected by Apple for “not meeting [their] community standards”. (My take: it’s definitely a grown-up comic, but not extreme by any comics standard.) Alongside, the writer and artist (Al Ewing & PJ Holden) have been working on a comic aimed at kids — EyeCandy (that’s an iTunes store link, by the way), which since then has gone live at the App Store.

While the content isn’t really my thing, it’s an amazing application that demonstrates how perfect the iPhone and iPod Touch are for this sort of application. The screen shows the artwork off beautifully, and the touch/accelerometer interface allows for brilliant and original interactions. If you have one of the devices, definitely go and spend 59p (or 99c if you’re so inclined) to have a play. Plus you’ll be supporting genuine innovation right here in Northern Ireland.