Tuesday Tunes: I Am The Doctor

For an SF nut, I never really got Doctor Who. I remember watching Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy when I was a kid, but don’t remember them as being very good.

The current, eleventh, Doctor has really grabbed my attention, though. I’ve been well and truly sucked in, and it’s some cracking TV. The BBC has been making some interesting science fiction over the last few years. Russell T Davies, the showrunner for the previous two modern Doctor Whos (Eccleston and Tennant) seems to have had something to do with bringing the genre back into the mainstream, landing Doctor Who on Saturday evenings, then getting more mature with Torchwood (Children of Earth was a stormer).

Today’s tune (the first here in quite some time) is from the soundtrack of last year’s series of Doctor Who. It’s from the first episode, and introduces the Eleventh Doctor’s theme. The soundtrack for the series is very high quality, and this is probably its high point.

“I Am The Doctor” [Spotify]